The Monotonous Speech

Do you remember ever dozing off in high school or secondary school during a lecture? I don’t blame you. The lecture/ lesson could have bored you stiff. Or it could have been a baking hot afternoon. Or both.

I have listened to many monotonous teachers, lecturers and other public speakers. And I’m convinced that a monotonous speech is the kind of speech that puts people to sleep.

You want to live long in the world of public speaking, yes?

Then learn the meaning of these related terms: monotone, monotony, monotonous. Please, put them far away from your public speaking performance.

Monotone refers to a dull speech. It is a boring way of speaking in which your tone remains flat and your volume stays the same while you deliver a speech/ lecture.

Monotony is the most common, original affliction of any public speaker, teacher, lecturer. It robs your speech of power. Refuse to be afflicted! A cursory observation reveals that most teachers suffer from monotony. They seem to drone on and on till the end of a 1-hour or 2-hours’ lecture. Conversely, most preachers do not suffer from monotony; they’re lively and engaging. Are you with ME?

The monotonous speech puts people to sleep.

You want to reign and live long in the world of public speaking? Avoid monotony. Avoid the monotonous speech.

You will live long!

Till I come your way again soon, be inspired; stay inspired!

-Mazi Eze

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