NUGGET 008 by Mazi Eze (ME)
-extracted from my new book, Public Speaking Nuggets

*Mazi Eze is introduced* *walks to the dais* *takes the mike* *begins to speak*

Today I’d like to talk to you about how to conquer nervousness in public speaking. I know I said I will talk about WIIFM mentality. I will, in the next two paragraphs. Or better still, get a copy of my piping hot new book. Hehehehe.

First, lemme say this. I’m so in love with Dale Carnegie’s assertion. He says, “The ability to conquer nervousness and speak with self-confidence is not difficult to acquire. It is not a gift bestowed by Providence on only a few rarely endowed individuals. Everyone can develop his own latent capacity if he has sufficient desire to do so.” I agree.

Now, let’s tune to WIIFM.

WIIFM simply means What’s In It For Me?
Everybody has the WIIFM mentality. Every audience you’re speaking to has that mentality. Think about it.

When students sit patiently or impatiently and grudgingly before a lecturer, they listen with a WIIFM mentality. If there’s little or nothing in a lecture for them (or so they think), they bring out their cell-phone and post messages and selfies on Facebook, Instagram, and Whasapp. Or they quietly gerrout of the lecture-hall. It happens. I once read on my student’s Facebook wall, “Nna meeeen, this lecture is boring” and another person commented with a question, “Which lecturer be dat?”

NB: The lecturer that was mentioned was not ME o!
Mazi Eze is not, will not, shall not, and in fact cannot be boring. Ask my students: Chisom Nlebedum, Nene Nwosu, Hanamel Kingston Onyx, Steve Ogbuewu, Chidinma Eke, Emerald Nduke, Akuro Amieyeofori, Daniel Clinton, Onyebuchi Timothy, Praiz Onyee, Ogonnah Ejezie, Amarachi Ochomma, to mention but a few. *mek una no fall my hand o!* *lol* *toothy grin*

When members of an audience attend AY Live or Basket Mouth Unplugged or Opa Williams’ A Night of a Thousand Laughs (what happened to this comedy programme?), they assemble with the WIIFM mentality. They want to be entertained; they want a good laugh. That’s what’s in it for them. They want to laugh.

A good comedian/comedienne is someone who cracks jokes that make an audience roll on the floor laughing out loud (ROTFLOL). You know, standup comedy is a type of public speaking. Oh, you didn’t know?

When your audience attends your conference, seminar, workshop, etc, they’re tuned to WIIFM, What’s In It For Me? Therefore, be audience-conscious. Being audience-conscious or being audience-centred is the third strategy in overcoming PSA. It is the third strategy in delivering a speech that wows! Let’s talk about it in NUGGETS 009, okay? Thanks a bunch, buddy!

We already know that the first strategy to conquer nervousness and speak with self-confidence is: prepare your delivery.

The second strategy is: structure your delivery. This means, impose a structure on the speech you’ve prepared. Segment your speech into (a) a topic, heading or headline, (b) an introduction, (c) a torso or body, and (d) a conclusion. Think of your speech as if it were a human being who has a head (introduction) upon which is the hair (topic), and who has a torso (body) and a leg (conclusion)!

This post, NUGGETS 008, contains the ingredients listed above. Look again at the beginning of this post. Can you see the topic? The introduction? Can you see the body from the 2nd paragraph down? And this particular paragraph, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion.

In sum, never ever deliver a hairless, headless, torsoless, or a legless speech! Don’t forget, I did say we’ll discuss being audience-conscious or being audience-centred in NUGGETS 009.

Till I come your way again soon, stay tuned to this frequency for another interesting episode.

Be inspired.
Stay inspired!

Your presenter and speech coach is Mazi Eze (ME).

PS: Somebody said I should have a website. And run a blog. How does that operate? Hey, help a brother here!
*smh, chuckling* *drops the mike; leaves the dais* *a standing ovation*

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