(from my new book, Public Speaking Nuggets)

Let me introduce you to the series, “How can I deliver an effective speech? How do I present a speech that wows?”

I will, one step at a time, one nugget at a time, talk you through 10 time-tested strategies for effective public speaking. First, a story.

I remember the first time I practised public speaking. I was a member of the Boys Brigade Nigeria, 2nd Oyigbo Company, Rivers State. Our captain asked me to give a brief word of exhortation to about 20 fellow brigade members.

I stood in front of everyone. I opened my King James Version of the Holy Bible. I read a verse. I looked up. And I saw 1,000,000 pair of eyes! You understand? I didn’t see about twenty members of the Boys Brigade. I saw a million pair of eyes! I coughed nervously.

Suddenly, hot sweat beaded my forehead. My Bible-holding hands began to shake like dogonyaro leaves in a windy afternoon. I looked at the verse again. Sweat poured down on my open Bible. One stupid boy in my audience coughed in jest. Another boy snickered. Another suppressed a laugh. The stupid cough, the idiotic snicker, the suppressed laughter were all directed at ME. *I have suffered!*

What did I do next?


I just stood there and looked stupid.

I wanted to speak but no words came.

I wanted to cry but no tears came.

Hey friend, does the above scenario describe your attempt at public speaking? Don’t worry. I’ll talk you through how to overcome glossophobia and PSA.

What’s glossophobia? What about PSA? I’ll tell you in NUGGETS 007.

Hang on to this. The first time-tested strategy of effective public speaking is: prepare, prepare, prepare.

Prepare your speech. Yes, prepare your delivery.

You know the 5 Ps: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Talk to you again. Soon.

Be inspired. Stay inspired!


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